Ontario Real Estate Conference
March 16
Ciociaro Club - 3745 N. Talbot Rd


Stefan Aarnio

Stefan Aarnio is an award-winning real estate Investor, Entrepreneur, Author and winner of the 2014 Rich Dad International Hall of Fame award.

He has been featured in Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine and Entrepreneur Magazine named him one of the Top 10 Real Estate Influencers to Follow.

Starting with only $1200, Stefan has built a multi-million dollar portfolio for himself and his partners and been recognized on The Self Made List. Stefan has accumulated properties at an alarming pace controlling most of his local niche through his understanding of Real Estate Joint Ventures and Stefan’s philosophy is simple, find great deals, build a fantastic team, pay everybody and create partnerships for life.

Mathew Frederick 

Mathew Frederick has over 30 years experience in real estate. He started in residential income property then expanded to buy-fix-sell, lease option, commercial buildings and new development.  Mathew has led on renovating properties for over 28 years which includes partnering with a developer over the past 6 years to build houses and low-rise condo buildings.

He now focuses on managing the assets of commercial portfolios including plazas and multi-family buildings plus coaching investors in business and real estate acquisition.

Kory MacKinnon

A former Corporate Trainer, Kory found his passion for real estate investing in his late teens after reading David Chilton’s book The Wealthy Barber.  However, lack of knowledge, systems and trusted mentors kept him from pulling the trigger on his first property until he was 30 years of age.

As the saying goes, the seed was planted and from that day forward, Kory used two decades of business experience to turn his lucrative real estate side hustle into early retirement.
With investing experience across multiple markets, Kory has wholesaled, joint ventured, flipped for profit, re-purposed land, developed buildings, and used the BRRRR method on route to owning dozens of income-producing properties.

Kory’s Mission today is to be a Leader in Wealth Education and encourage others to step up and walk an easier path towards financial freedom.  To assist others in avoiding the mistakes and pitfalls investors make when they don’t have plans, systems, and accountability in place.

Yvonne Pilon

Yvonne Pilon is a #CommunityChampion and #WomenInTech. At the age of 24, she founded her first tech company, AD2IT, and by the age of 29, she became the youngest female to lead a Regional Innovation Centre, WEtech Alliance, in the Province of Ontario.

​Yvonne has over 10 years experience in the startup and tech space with a core focus on growing companies and building a thriving entrepreneurial community. Yvonne recently took her love for tech to the airwaves as Host of the ‘Tech In The City’ podcast where she likes to consider herself the Carrie Bradshaw of tech

Jon Seguin

Jon is a Real Estate Investor and the founder of SEDA Developments.

Jon pursued his Bachelors of Commerce from the University of Windsor. Then, proceeding two years at McGill, Jon partnered with a friend and investor where they raised capital and developed two condominiums with a total of 115 units. After a year, they sold and Jon took his profits and moved back to Windsor, Ontario.

Back in Windsor, Jon purchased two student rental properties. He realized that there was a demand for high-end student rentals in Windsor. Jon went on to purchase 20 more properties in the next year, and he now owns over 40 rental properties using the method of renovating houses into high end student rentals to maximize rent.

Jon’s high motivation comes from his desire to be able to spend time with friends and family. Jon's mission today is to empower investors to become financially independent and create the capacity to spend time on what really matters to them.

Cassidy Logsdon

Cassidy is the Founder of the WinCity Investors Club, and the WinCity Real Estate Team.  She and her partner Matt Andrews bought their first property at age 21, and did their first 3 deals within the first 6 months. At age 25, they have now done over 12 deals and currently hold 15 doors.

Cassidy is an investment specialist Realtor, and her team help clients start, grow, and optimize their portfolios. Through the WCIC, Cassidy teaches others about real estate investing, financial independence, and lifestyle design. Cassidy is also passionate about personal development and whole-life wellness.

Dan Grenier

Before getting into real estate, Dan Grenier was a structural engineer with a PhD from Western University. He became a landlord with his first rental in 2011. In 2015 he founded PE Real Estate Solutions and soon after quit his engineering job to become a full-time investor. He has completed approximately 30 real estate deals in the last 3 years, and currently has 9 doors in his rental portfolio.

Monika Jazyk

In the beginning of their Real Estate journey, Monika and her husband Vaughan made a lot of Real Estate Mistakes... so many that they wrote a book “Real Estate Mistakes. Our Mistakes Your Success”.  Although these mistakes almost led them to bankruptcy, they are very grateful for this experience as it led to the creation of Real Property Investments; an education and consulting service to help other Investors build wealth without having to experience the trials and tribulations they experienced on their Real Estate Journey.

To date, Real Property Investments has helped over 800 Investors build wealth to achieve their freedom goals by investing in Real Estate and Alternative Investments the REAL way!
Monika is also co- facilitator of Real Property Investments Networking Group with three active clubs operating every month in GTA, Barrie and Burlington allowing investors to expand their education, network and networth!
For more information on Real Property Investments events and consulting services, visit

Thomas Lorini

Thomas Lorini is a real estate aficionado across Canada & the US; powered by a steady vegan diet, electrolyzed coffee and Southern California sunshine!

He is on a relentless mission to stamp out mediocrity and partner with 500 families to reach financial freedom by 2021. You can find him in several places, but he is usually sharing his best stuff on Instagram: @thomas_lorini

Aditya Soma

Born and raised in India to a hard-working farming family, Aditya moved to Canada in 2012 with $50k+ debt for higher education in Canada.

After graduation, he struggled for more than 6 months to get a job as software developer.
The struggle to pay off student debt turned Aditya to different ways of earning income like Uber, an ecommerce store, and an MLM company, but nothing gave him the freedom and time he was looking for.  Luckily, a friend suggested he read Read Rich Dad Poor Dad, which made a huge impact and got him excited about real estate.

Aditya started networking with local investors, met Cassidy, and got his first property on March 1 2017. He now has 15 doors, and recently sold his first duplex for a profit of $80k.

This gave him the faith to jump into real estate full-time, so he got his Real Estate license and quit job last month. Now 1 month in, Aditya has already sold $1.5 Million worth of real estate.

Tyler Soulliere

Tyler Soulliere is an award-winning investor and entrepreneur from Windsor, Ontario, Canada, began investing in Windsor back in 2013 and has since grown his portfolio to 50 unit, building his company, TySoull Investor from the ground up. After winning the 2015 Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine Investor of the Year Award for purchasing 15 properties in 11 months, Tyler wanted to start sharing his knowledge of investing in real estate with other like-minded individuals. As a result, he launched TySoull Educator, which provides real estate training and online educational courses for people looking to start investing in real estate.

Tyler's goal is to teach as many people as possible about all the benefits that investing in real estate will do for you, from building wealth that no 9-5 job will ever do, to having more freedom, to doing more, so you can be more, and evolve as a person, all the while avoiding the headaches and hassles many think come with owning investment properties.

Michelle Gauthier

Michelle Gauthier along with her husband Mike both grew up in Sarnia Ontario.  They started real estate investing in 2011 out of frustration. Although they had a significant non real estate investment portfolio, nothing they invested in brought them the returns that their personal home generated over the years. So they turned their direction and focus in to real estate.  

In 8 years, they own a portfolio of over 50 doors mostly in Chatham Ontario. They self manage everything they own while living in Guelph. Although they enjoy the 'buy rent and hold' strategy, they are currently focussed on opportunities in private lending, and land development for 2019.


REGISTRATION begins at 9:00am. Start your day by getting to know the trades and services in the trade hall,
​and connect with other investors over your morning coffee.
Learn from the locals!

Get the latest updates on Windsor's real estate market statistics, what makes Windsor a great place to invest, and an overview of the neighbourhoods of Windsor including what strategies work best in which neighbourhoods. 

Hear from Representatives from the City of Windsor about Windsor's economy, future outlook and developments.

A panel of local real estate investors will share their best practices and favourite strategies that have helped them be successful in Windsor, and the panel will be opened for your questions as well.


Choose between 2 engaging lunchtime presentations. Vegan and Gluten Free options are available.

Dynamic Keynote speakers, including Stefan Aarnio, Mathew Frederick, Kory MacKinnon, Jon Seguin, Matt McKeever, Jeff Wybo, Monika Jazyk, and more, will dive into topics including: 
- real estate investment strategies
- student rentals
- buy and hold multifamily

- managing a large portfolio
- the mindset of an investor
- how to attract joint venture partners
...and more!


Get upclose and personal with speakers, and learn in a workshop-style setting with lots of opportunity for interaction. 
Breakout sessions include: 
- "Ask Me Anything" fishbowl session with experts like Mathew Frederick 
- how to use marketing to find off-market deals
- maximizing rent with student rentals
​- self-storage investing, by the numbers
- small-group mastermind sessions with Monika from Real Property Investments
​... and more!

After the main event wraps up around 8:00pm, V.I.P. ticket holders are invited to a private dinner where they will have the opportunity to mix & mingle with some of the speakers and organizers of the event, as well as other VIP guests.